Kyambogo University Counselling Students Association Presidential Candidates state opinions in a 1st ever mouthwatering Debate

Kyambogo University Counselling Students Association Presidential Candidates state opinions in a 1st ever mouthwatering Debate


by Psychology dept newseditor

The two men seeking to become counselling association’s next governor engaged in a feisty debate Tuesday afternoon, drawing contrasts between each other on key issues facing the Kyambogo University Counselling student’s family.

Democrat Mwesigwa Enock and Republican Gitta Emmanuel debated for one hour at the Kyambogo University, faculty of Education lecture theatre where the department of Psychology is housed. Amidst  exchanging barbs — about each other’s records as former students leaders in their former institutions — and ideas — about new creative techniques foe uplifting the counselling profession, it was such a hilarious afternoon filled with chants from the crowd.

This was the first of its kind in the history of Kyambogo University Counselling Students Association.

The 2019 Kyambogo University Counselling Students Association candidates for president, stated platforms and stances in a hot debate that took place on Tuesday, 19, 2019.

Candidates for Speaker, Disability affairs, vice president, prime minister, General Duties, treasurer and General Secretary are running unopposed, so they did not participate in the debate.

Above; Mr Mwesigwa Enock convincing the counselling fraternity to give him mandate to lead them

Mr Ivan from the surveying course and Miss Gertrude a third year Guidance and Counselling student participated as moderators and asked each group general questions about their positions and platforms. Students submitted questions for candidates, as well. Each candidate had two to two and a half minutes to answer each question and a 30-second rebuttal if needed.

Presidential candidates: Gitta Emmanuel and Mwesigwa Enock

What made you run for this position?  

Emmanuel: “One thing that is very important to me and many other students is mental health and their counselling profession. I want to get to the bottom of this, see why students are more stressed and show students all the resources the counselling programme offers for the future. I want to help alleviate some of the pressure and let their voices be heard.”

Enock: “I want everyone to feel like they are at home again – for this campus to just not be a place to learn, but to come on campus to see your friends or a familiar face. I want to also see how we can change counselling association back to how it was, to make it feel more like home than just talking to a virtual doctor when we are sick.”

How do you balance your time between academics and extracurriculars?

Enock: “I use my calendar on my phone a lot, I plan each week to make sure I am on task and doing what I need to do. I also prioritize and make a list of what I need to get done. When I have study time that is all I do, I don’t do anything else during that time.”

Emmanuel: “I use my planner a lot. At the beginning of the week, I always plan my entire week. Just by being able to have study time, social time where I’m involved in other clubs where I have executive positions, planning where I can focus on each organization equally while making sure school is number one.”

Above; the senior counselor of Sauti Uganda Mr Paul Kulyabingi , The president of Uganda Counselling Association-Gaston Byamugisha and aspiring KYUSCA president Enock Mwesigwa pose just after the debate.

As chair of the Association, how will you remain fair to all members?

Emmanuel: “I will remain fair to all members by listening to everyone’s opinion, listening to everyone’s concerns. I am a big advocate for constructive criticism and feedback, I want strong communication between myself and all the representatives and all the students here. By keeping the open line of communication and really getting to know everyone very well.”

Enock: “Letting each representative know I am here for you, I don’t want to put them in a position where they can’t talk to me or go to someone else to get their point across.”

Above; aspiring President Mr Gitta Emmanuel sharing a moment with the counselling students electorate

The voting day is to take place on Thursday March 21, 2019 as the whole counselling students body goes down to polls for voting who would be the next gaffer of the association

Comments from Lecturers

“For many years, we have been letting folks know that we would love to host an important debate in the association election cycle,” Ms Nakanwagi Carol said.

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