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Counselors should take a lead role in fighting Gender based violence.



Gender based violence remains a prevalent social problem in Uganda. It takes many forms such as domestic violence, sexual violence, early marriages, human trafficking among others.


The Uganda demographic health survey (2016) indicates that 56 percent of women age 15 to 29 had experienced physical violence since the age of 15 and 28 per cent of women had experienced sexual violence in their life time. This basically means that more than half of Ugandan women/ girls have been abused at home, school, and work and within other social circles. In 2017 alone, defilement and domestic violence were ranked among the top crimes in Uganda constituting about 20% of all the crimes reported to Uganda Police.

This is enough evidence of the challenge on our hands. The UNHCR Uganda Sexual and Gender Based Violence Thematic Report (October 2018) also reported a whopping 4822 incidences in refugee hosting districts between January and October 2018.These are alarming figures that need urgent attention.

Gender based violence does not only violate the rights of victims but also puts their future at stake. Important to note gender-based violence leaves long-lasting physical and emotional scars and hinders the ability of individuals, especially women and girls, to participate fully in their families and communities – economically, politically, and socially. 

It also holds back women and girls from getting an education, earning an income, and fully contributing to their societies. In fact it is also linked to the high new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women.


Although, Parliament has passed numerous laws to protect the rights and interests of women and girls – including the Domestic Violence Act 2010, Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act, and Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, among others, counselors should take a lead role in fighting this vice first by creating awareness about the immediate and collective impact of these behaviors to the social development of victims especially girls since they are most vulnerable.

Secondly counselors can offer psychological support to the victims through probono counseling services. This can help victims to deal with the effects such as trauma and depression that result in gender based violence incidences.

Lastly advocating for stringent laws against the vice to deter the would be perpetrators. 

Byomuhangi Raymond



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20TH MAY 2019


Mr Kulyabingi Paul from Sauti Uganda told the counselling students in the country. This was at the counselor’s dinner which was organized by the Kyambogo University counselling students association last Sunday. This was the first of its own which was a clear platform for the counseling profession according to Paul.

Inset above; Sauti’s Paul Kulyabingi attending the counselor’s dinner

Sauti Uganda is an organization found under the ministry of Gender, Labour and social development dealing with mitigating the rampant cases of child abuse in the country. This organization has a toll free call help line 116, which has displayed a high integration of technology as it employs counselors who handle cases online and make a follow up.

This is where Paul from the same organization asked the various training counseling students to toil and get ICT skills in this technology advancing world in order to stay relevant to the society.

Above, Mr. Paul Kulyabingi a professional counselor from Sauti Uganda making remarks on integrating ICT in the counselling profession if someone is to be employable in this technology driven country.

Contact Paul -256 701501547

L-R;Paul Kulyabingi sharing a photo moment with the President UCA Mr Gaston Byamugisha and Mr Enock Mwesigwa the incumbent president kyambogo University counseling students association.



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A Nightly Dinner out that’s like Therapy

28th MAY 2019

Dinner parties are a great way to reconnect with family and friends—and we believe there’s no better time for one than right now. Instead of waiting for the holidays or next celebration, call your friends over just because! 

31st March was another memorable day in the hearts of the counselling fraternity of Kyambogo University, Kampala Uganda when the Kyambogo University counselling students association organized a hilarious Counselors Dinner which was 1st ever of its kind.

The students’ association sole handedly organized this event which left the Kyambogo University community mesmerized. This was indeed exquisitely well crafted.

Inset; On left, The University counselor Ms Kyosaba winniefred Biribonwa sharing a word of appreciation to the organisers of the event, on right, The patron of Kyambogo University Counselling Students Association Mr Kakinda Adrian Ivan

The major aim of the dinner was to bring back the lost glory of the students’ counsellors association in Kyambogo University, hand over party for the association to new members, networking day for counselors, public lecture on self-branding to counselors among others. The invited guests were the ongoing students, the counselling alumni, the psychology department staff and other counselling profession well-wishers.

The event was braced with inspirational talks from thunderous speakers, entertainment led by a live band, a finger leaking dinner, ice cream dance, red carpet slides and walks,and the enire student body were dressed like iron angels.


Striking messages about counselor self-marketing and branding by Ms Bahat Hilda Sabiti  from The coach ,above kept everyone on the edge of the chair as it was hilarious. She quoted ‘The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.’ Hilda graced the faunction as a motivational speaker,an alumni of the counselling program from Kyambogo University and a life coach.

She stressed that ‘I’m happy to get back to my roots as this is a great institution of excellence that modelled who I am.’she came with the husband Mr Tim Sabiti a life coach too who said hello to the gathering.

Inset; Mr Tim Sabiti and wife Ms Bahat Hilda Sabiti from the Coach

Above; Bahat Hilda doing what she understands best. She inspires the counselling generation

Speech from the Patron Mr Kakinda Adrian Ivan                            

Amidst the jubilations from the student’s body that kept on chanting his name, Mr Adrian stood up with a surprise face as he looked not to be believing what the dinner had brought in Kyambogo. He appreciated the entire body that attended the dinner and he quoted “never go to a place and leave it unnoticed “he called upon the incoming regime to work very hard to make the association thrive for years in Kyambogo University. He also stressed the point of self-marketing as one of the ways of making one’s profession relevant. He broke down to mild tears as he couldn’t expect the beauty of the dinner party, being first of its kind.


He urged the young people to use their profession in an entrepreneurial way to earn a living. It’s at this point when he gave updates about the upcoming Counselors and Psychologists Act to regulate the counselling profession in the country which has been a dream for decades, urged government to invest a lot in mental health and he opened the dance. He urged the government of Uganda to include counselors into the public service so as to help the public in solving psychological hiccups and short pitfalls.

During the Dinner

It was a finger licking moment as members drew to the lines to get a million dollar buffet which left everyone mesmerized .this strengthened the bonding as counselors from different walks of life had to dine together, exchange thoughts as the next page band plays that soothing music to make sure everyone remembers the experience.

Below Psychology Staff lecturer Ms Nakanwagi Carol leads the line to get on the buffet, followed by the University counselor Ms Kyosaba Winnifred, Dr Ejwang from special needs faculty also graced the function

Members of the students counselling association enjoying a picture moment with the UCA president Mr Gaston Byamugisha

From L-R; Outgoing Acting President of the association Mr Mwesigwa Enock handing over tools of work to the incoming association President Mr Gitta Emmanuel

Incoming association general secretary Ms Namugga Patricia Martha receiving tools of office from Mr Enock the outgoing President

Outgoing General duties minister Ms Kwagala Phiona handing over to Mr Berebera Andrew

L-R; Outgoing Finance Minister Ms Nabatanda Gloria handing over to Ms Sande Lilian

L-R Outgoing President Mwesigwa Enock handing over to incoming Disability affairs minister Mr Bukirwa Brian

Ms Nakaweesi Yvonne gets tools of office of speakership from Mr Enock

L-R outgoing projects minister Mr Makumbi Jonathan handing over to Ms Nabugasha Grace

Ms Atukunda Ameria gets tools of office of representative year three from outgoing president

Ms Aguti Annet receiving tools of office of Deputy projects coordinator

On right,Ms Natukunda Molly receiving the tools of office of information minister

Vice President of Uganda Counselling Association Ms Barbra Kalumba handing over a certificate of appreciation to outgoing Finance minister Ms Nabatanda Gloria

Memorable captions

Second years were fully presented by their coordinators below

Awarding of certificates

Certificates were awarded to the best serving ministers whereby this function was done by the Patron of the association Mr Kakinda Adrian and the Vice president of Uganda Counselling Association Ms Kalumba Barbra


The counselors dinner will be an annual event to bring close all the counseling fraternity in the country .

Thanks to the service providers who decorated the dinner venue, J.J Catering services for providing that breathtaking buffet, Next page band that provided entertainment on the whole evening ,Brian’s cream parlour for providing the ice cream dance ,the alumni, Uganda counseling Association board, students body and the alumni.


Mental health state in students is worrying, says Kyambogo University Counselor

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29th MAY 2019

By psychology newseditor

“Starting university should be a time for having fun and making new friends. So why are we seeing record referral rates to student counselling services and reports of student suicides in the news? And what can universities do to help

Type ‘Student mental health’ into a search of Uganda news and you’ll be hit by headlines referring to: ‘the ticking time-bomb’, ‘Students being let down’, warnings that ‘problems are rising’. If you read these stories in isolation, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re in the depths of a crisis in student mental health. In reality the picture is much more complex” lamented Ms Kyosaba Winniefred Biribonwa during the 2019 Kyambogo University counselors Dinner

Counselor Kyosaba Winniefred was attending the Counselors dinner which was organized by the Kyambogo University counseling students the previous Sunday.

She is worried of the continuous cases of suicidal ideations, addiction cases withdrawal cases she registers every week at the Kyambogo University counseling center. She called on the stakeholders in the country to sensitize masses about the need of seeking professional counselling intervention as one of the avenues of keeping our mental states stable. she stressed the need of the government of Uganda to streamline the counselling profession by bringing the counselors act.

She appreciated the students counselling association and the patron Mr Kakinda Adrian for providing such great platform for counselors to network and asked for such similar events in line with promoting the profession.

Inset above; Ms Kyosaba Winniefred sharing a moment with the Counseling Students association Patron Mr Adrian Kakinda

Above, Kyambogo University Counselor Ms Kyosaba Winniefred stressing how she is worried of the dilapidating students mental health.

Contact Ms Kyosaba Winniefred   256701360111