Psychology department receives another visiting Professor from Nigeria

Psychology department receives another visiting Professor from Nigeria

Another step in an exquisite direction for psychology discipline


By Psychology department news editor

Elegbeleye Oluwatoba Samuel, Professor in Counselling Psychology at Obafemi Awolowo University of Nigeria, has been appointed as the latest Kyambogo University Visiting Professor at psychology department, faculty of education, Kyambogo University for his sabbatical leave of one year.

On the left above; Prof Elegbeleye welcomed by the Head of department,Dr Ali Baguwemu

Professor Elegbeleye specializes in health psychology, family counseling research ,psychological tests development, social /learning psychology .his research activities focus essentially on the socio-educational aspect of counseling/social/personality psychology with special emphasis on techniques of enhancing human personality this area, he has concentrated efforts on exploring those school related psychological factors that are capable of militating against optimum human performance in assigned achieve this he has attempted to highlight the inherent aversive factors capable of inhibiting desirable behaviors if poorly managed.

The deficit or excess behaviours likely to arise from such a development stands to provoke an outcome that, do often than not, incapacitate optimal human functioning and therefore cause sustained personality related psychological illnesses. He has developed successful intervention programmes that tested useful and handy in providing psychological help in this direction.

His target research participants have been the individuals that fall within the adolescence and pre adult or youth age development group. This age bracket is unique and provides fertile research opportunities because the adolescence and the youth periods of human growth are marked by ambivalence, anxiety and identity crises. Focusing research activities on the aforementioned focus-group is earnestly pertinent and critical, given the Nigerian peculiar situation where concrete governmental policy efforts have not been fashioned to rein in the potential human resource and the spurt of energy embedded in individuals within this developmental age this regard his research activities have been directed at addressing various psychological problems that adolescents an dyouths may have to contend within the Nigerian environment.

Professor Elegbeleye said: ‘I am looking forward to joining the psychology department of Kyambogo University and am ready to work with the department members in order to achieve the department mission and goals aligned with those of the university. I am grateful for the opportunity to be included in conversations on curriculum diversification and look forward to sharing my research and experiences with students, academics and staff.’

Dr Ali Baguwemu, Head of Psychology Department in kyambogo University was among the most happiest to receive Prof.Elegbeleye. He said: ‘I am pleased to see Professor Ele join us here in Kyambogo. He is one of the leading voices in Nigerian psychology field and his research and expertise will be invaluable at this pivotal time in the University’s diversification efforts.’

L-R;Prof Elegbeleye from Nigeria,Mr Kakinda Adrian and Dr Ali Baguwemu after arrival of Prof Ele.

Through the Visiting Professor scheme, Kyambogo University, with Psychology department in particular are working around the globe to internationalize their department by welcoming international academicians to the department. He is the third visiting international psychology professor after Professor Chalmer Thompson and Professor Barbra Denis from Indiana University of USA.

Professor Elegbeleye will teach courses that are assigned to him by the head of department, particularly in his areas of specialization (personality, industrial and social psychology),conduct a workshop on the administration and interpretation of psychological test instruments, using the seven tests developed by him as workshop materials, collaborate with other members of the department to write proposals aimed at attracting research grants to the department from reputable world bodies designed for giving such, making significant impact in teaching research methodology to both graduate and under graduate students.

And above all, participate in sundry activities designed for the uplifment of psychology programme in the University for the Upliftment of psychology programme in the University for the Optimal Benefit of the students and colleagues alike.

We are looking forward to share memorable experiences with Professor Eleglebye Samuel from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife ,Nigeria.

Fact sheet

Educational background

P.h.D (Counselling Psychology) university of Ibadan, Ibadan, September 1991

M.Ed (Guidance and Counselling) university of Ibadan, Ibadan, September 1987

B.Ed (guidance and Counseling) university of Ibadan, Ibadan, September 1986

M.B.A (Business Administration) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife July 2000

PGD Public relations Nigerian institute of Journalism, Lagos, Nigeria ,1997

NCE (English and History) Adeyemi college of Education Ondo state.July 1982

Previous work experience

  • Oyo state post primary schools Board school counselor 1986-1988
  • Lagos state university, lagos head of Psychology Department 2008-2010
  • Tai solarin university of education, TASUED,Ijebu Dean college of social and management studies 2007
  • University of Ibadan teaching assistant 1989-1991
  • At Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Head of department 2010-2013
  • Professor 2007- date
  • Associate professor 2004-2007
  • Acting head of department 1999-2000
  • Senior lecturer 1996-2004
  • Lecturer 1 1994-1996
  • Lecturer 11 1992-1994

Membership of professional bodies

  • Counseling Association of Nigeria (CASSON)
  • Association of Nigerian Counseling and consulting Psychologists (ANCCP)
  • Nigeria Psychological Association (NPA)

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