Who We Are?

Established in 2002, Our department has had a long and successful history with many psychologists contributing to its success since its beginnings.the Department of Psychology is one of six academic units in the faculty Of Education,https://www.kyu.ac.ug/index.php/faculties/education.Great effort is expended in developing students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We desire that these students be equipped with the knowledge and methods that will place them at the forefront of progress in the psychological disciplines as we enter the twenty-first century.



To be internationally recognised as a centre of learning and research that advances knowledge, addresses contemporary social issues and improves people’s lives and behaviours.


To train practical professionals to transform communities and organizations through restructuring, rehabilitation and consultative research in areas of psychology,clinical, counseling, mentoring, organizational and community development in line with Kyambogo University mission.

Specific Objectives

  1. To provide quality psychological counseling and organizational/Industrial programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For participation participated in community outreach programmes.
  2. To train competent Organizational, Community and Educational Assessors who will implement the best practices in these settings.
  3. To promote consultancy, research and publications in the areas of that are relevant to community and organizational development
  4. To enhance student career preparedness and mentoring through relevant practicum/industrial placements.
  5. To further the understanding of human behavior, thinking, and emotion through teaching, research, and service. This includes the discovery and dissemination of laws and principles pertaining to both individual and group psychological functioning.


We are guided by the following core values: intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, compassion, collegiality, equality, a healthy working environment, community engagement, employability and best practice.


  • Conduct excellent research and build critical mass and capacity in our areas of research strength.
  • Promote a vibrant learning environment that is characterised by research-led teaching and underpinned by employability.
  • Promote internationalisation and diversity in our programmes and research.
  • Consolidate existing and build new, long-lasting research communities among academics, practitioners and students.
  • Foster a working environment that supports the achievement of individual and collective goals and a healthy work-life balance.

What we Offer

Psychology is the study of the mind and human behaviour. Psychology students will learn about the feelings that humans experience, what motivates us and how we interact with each other. Many psychology graduates will go on to careers as professional psychologists, however a degree in psychology can also lead to careers in childcare, social work or in the legal profession.

The Psychology department at Kyambogo Universityoffers students rich opportunities for a vibrant, stimulating, and deep engagement of the field. Students choose from over 30 classes spanning the discipline. Psychology majors receive extensive training in research. The Psychology Department at KYU is noteworthy for the extent to which students get immersed in the work of the field – students do what psychologists do, and learn as psychologists learn: by systematic exploration of human behavior and mental processes. Whether it be in the classroom or through working in a faculty member’s lab, students get extensive first-hand experience with the processes of psychological research. 

Today’s complex challenges are multi-faceted, and can only be met through the integration and synthesis of knowledge and practices from a multitude of disciplines. The Psychology Department curriculum and faculty are expressly interdisciplinary regularly collaborating with colleagues in related disciplines in support of the Environmental Studies, Women’s Studies, Family Studies, and Neuroscience.

The Department’s primary objectives are to provide world-class research and teaching in psychology and cognate disciplines. The Department carries out world-class research, which is characterized by its multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. The department is currently housed on the ground floor of Faculty of Education, Kyambogo University