The Department of Psychology Research Strategy involves three research themes to foster integration, strengthen collaborations and increase the impact of our research projects. Research exploring key social issues of our times by understanding the workings of the human mind

Members of the Department of Psychology conduct research that spans the discipline of psychology. Some of the areas we concentrate on are listed below:

  • Social psychology
  • Clinical and health psychology
  • Experimental psychology

The Centre for psychological Issues Research is based in the Department of Psychology. Members of the Centre are interested in issues such as social support, social inclusion and exclusion, prejudice and discrimination, and their relationship to health and well-being. The aim of the Centre is to promote theoretically informed and methodologically sound innovative psychological and social research that addresses contemporary social issues and informs social policy.

Our Research Strategy aims to
• Enhance interactions and develop new links among researchers across levels within the Department
• Enhance links to other Departments across Schools and involvement in large-scale funding initiatives.
• Develop an outward-looking research profile for the Department

The three research themes are

  • Brain behavior and cognition
  • Social behavior and societies
  • Marriage and Family
  • Mental health

Plans for setting up psychology department research facilities are underway;

Facilities such as